The first two casualties of the WGA strike have surfaced just two weeks after it started.

According to Variety, the Oliver Stone project Pinkville has been put on hold indefinitely. United Artists had planned to start production in December in Southeast Asia.


The film was supposed to be an investigation of the Mai Ling massacre in 1968, starring Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson. It even added a few cast members this past week, included Michael Pitt and Xzibit.

Stone and his screenwriter Mikko Alanne are both members of the WGA and will be unable to hone the script any further as the director is accustomed to doing during production. It is unknown at this time whether UA plans to restart the script if the strike when the strike is resolved.

Angels and Demons, however, has simply been postponed at Sony until a WGA contract agreement can be reached. The film is a prequel to The Da Vinci Code from the same author, Dan Brown. The only actor officially attached to that project is Tom Hanks. Though Ron Howard was set to direct, starting production in February. Opie declined to comment when I badgered him on his personal phone. Unless you count the F word as a comment…

The strike, which was rushed in at the November 1 deadline, had “insurmountable problems.” It’s Christmas 2008 release date will likely be affected if the strike continues.

Meanwhile, the WGA and AMPTP have issued a joint statement that negotiations will finally resume on November 26. The last time the two organizations met was Nov. 4. The strike goes on until that time with a surveyed 69% of the public in favor of the writers. The companies got 4%. I got 6%.

The IATSE and its head Tom Short have come out against the strike, saying that over 50 TV series have been shut down as a result.