This isn’t exactly “who saw this coming” news. The plan all along has been to spin the characters off from Justice League of America, preferably with the same actors in the ensemble film. JLA will simply be a way to get more recognition and build on an otherwise small audience of people familiar with the comics.

MTV’s Movie Blog is reporting that David Dobkin will direct The Flash. Dobkin is the guy behind the upcoming Christmas movie Fred Claus, which hopefully will be better than Tim Allen’s attempts at Yuletide cheer. DD also directed Wedding Crashers though. Does that mean that the Flash will be a funny guy? Will he be a wise-cracking, fast-moving hero? Perhaps even whimsical?

For those of you that are familiar with the various incarnations, he has admitted already that it will be the Wally West version of the character. I’m sure that meant something to very few people reading this.

Green Lantern

On top of that, the Hollywood Reporter is saying there’s already a director set for a Green Lantern solo project.

“Everwood” creator Greg Berlanti will co-write and direct The Green Lantern for Warner Bros. This will be the Hal Jordan version of the character, meaning it will involve a ring passed to him from a dying alien and an interplanetary police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. They’re run by the Guardians of the Universe from the planet Oa. Of course, where else would they live?

Not being much of a comic book fan, I’m about as excited for a Green Lantern movie as I would be for a movie about an ACTUAL green lantern.

Wonder Woman

Meanwhile, producing machine Joel Silver told Sci Fi Wire that a movie centered only on Wonder Woman has been put on the “back burner.” He said, “They’re going to make the Justice League movie, and we’re kind of pausing on Wonder Woman now. Let them go ahead and do that picture [first].”

So it looks like they’re waiting to see how she’s received before attempting to start a franchise. She hasn’t even been cast yet and I’m already tired of talking about her.

In my opinion, DC is overestimating how much people care about their heroes. Sure, Superman is an icon, but the latest movie wasn’t exactly a monster success. Batman has only recently been revived by the brilliance of Bale and Nolan. And from the looks of things, this JLA movie could go down in flames, setting up these spin-offs to fail soon after. At least they were smart enough to see there is no market for a Wonder Woman film.