Earlier this month we discussed the possibility of Brett Ratner being a part of the ill-conceived Escape from New York remake.

According to a source at AICN, Brett Ratner will not be directing the Escape from New York remake.

At the Savannah Film Festival he was presented with an “Achievement in Film” award. I wasn’t even aware that a film festival existed in Savannah, much less that an award for film achievements was being doled out to dopey directors who don’t deserve it. (I was, however, aware of alliteration.)

More importantly, Ratner was asked about the remake. He said it was still happening, just without him.

Well, in that article earlier this month I listed four reasons why this is a terrible idea. This removes one of them. I still stand by this idea being a bad one and it’ll take a monster director choice to change my mind at this point.

Update: Gerard Butler is out too.