According to MovieHole, Mad Max 4: Fury Road finally has a greenlight, and director George Miller will go into production on it immediately. First order of business would be to find a new Max, because Miller plans to get a new, younger face to replace “real life mad” Mel Gibson.

George Miller was a writer and the man behind the camera for the current Mad Max trilogy, and plans to work on Mad Mad 4 at the same time as his other project, Justice League of America. On top of that, he’s also putting in some hours on another Happy Feet movie.

As if Justice League wasn’t already going to be awful, now he’s splitting pre-production time between JLA, a fourth apocalyptic adventure, and another animated penguin movie. Though, to be fair, the source says that Happy Feet won’t interfere much considering the last one took four years to make.

JLA will be bad for the following reasons now:

Young, relatively unknown actors – After Routh, Bale, and even Biel didn’t want any part of an ensemble of heroes, then he had to turn to a cast of cheaper knock-offs. The latest rumor, according to an Aussie paper, is that Wonder Woman for JLA has been cast already: one blond Teresa Palmer. And contrary to Internet rumor, Rupert Evans is not Superman.

Rushed production – The looming strikes by the big three guilds have throttled this movie into a gear higher than it can handle.

Split time between other projects – See above. Again, he’s trying to rush another movie into production at the same time.

No Hawkman.

And finally:

George Miller – 2 movies in 20 years and they were both kid’s movies. Other than that he has the hit-or-miss Mad Max trilogy, and that’s pretty much it. He isn’t the right man for the job.

Here’s how I imagine production will go.

“Ok, and ACTION!”
“Superman, don’t do it!”
“CUT! Reset and let’s take that again.”
Miller swivels his chair around and faces the other set.
“What do you mean, Max…”
Miller mumbles something about Gibson doing it better and walks away to check on penguin sketches.