Former professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his PG family movie The Game Plan stepped in the ring this weekend and welcomed all challengers. Also opening this weekend was The Kingdom, an R-rated action thriller set in Saudi Arabia. Tensions ran high, people.

Well, the two films circled each other in the ring for a while, looking to be formidable opponents. They were neck in neck on Friday, which set up a interesting match for the title belt. There was a lot of trash talking going on from both sides and from the critics who couldn’t get behind either competitor.

But wait, Game Plan does a flying elbow off the top rope and then a pile driver! A 63% jump from Friday to Saturday! Ohhhh, that’s not going to feel good on Sunday, folks. The Kingdom gets up, as shaky as the camera in its movie. Look out because the ref isn’t looking aaaaaand Kingdom hits him with a chair! Only a 16% bump for Kingdom? Oh, the humanity! Here comes little Madison Pettis running out of the back room in a tutu! She tags in for an amazing high-flying finishing move! $22.7 million! The Game Plan wins! The Game Plan wins.

Wow, I actually just spent time on that…

The real loser this weekend was Feast of Love, which also had mixed reviews, but couldn’t crack the top 10 with only 1,200 theaters.

The Darjeeling Limited had the highest per theater average of the year over the weekend with $70k on each of the two screens after opening at the New York Film Festival. Lust, Caution from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee also took $61,700 on a single screen.

Across the Universe keeps climbing up as it adds more and more theaters. The Beatles tribute film rocked its way into tenth place with $2.1 million on only 339 screens.

Bourne Ultimatum finally fell out of the top 10 after 8 weeks, falling to #12 and Superbad slipped out also after 6 weeks, to #13. You had a good run, boys. Give yourselves a pat on the back with your giant wads of cash.

Here’s the chart of contenders:

1. The Game Plan $22.7 million
2. The Kingdom $17.7 million
3. Resident Evil: Extinction $8 million
4. Good Luck Chuck $6.3 million
5. 3:10 to Yuma $4.2 million
6. The Brave One $3.8 million
7. Mr. Woodcock $3 million
8. Eastern Promises $2.9 million
9. Sydney White $2.7 million
10. Across the Universe $2.1 million