Director/Producer Uwe Boll has basically become a punch line when talking about movies. Arguably one of the worst directors of all time, he continues to take potentially decent video game movies and directs them right into failure.

His last three movies (all video game adaptations) were House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, and BloodRayne. All three films remain in the Bottom 100 on IMDB, based on the ratings of the masses.

And it looks like his next movie, Postal, is headed in that same direction next month. Plus Dungeon Siege is due out in January 2008, so make sure you avoid that one too.

I guess the main problem here is that studios keep financing this talentless ass to make movies.

Well, according to IGN, the crazy German is planning more of these film wasters.

» Already headed next year is a Far Cry adaptation. You can check out some stills from the set here.

» He’s also working on a BloodRayne 3, presumably a direct-to-DVD film like the last one.

» Plus he announced this week he’s making a video game movie for the upcoming Wii shooter Zombie Massacre.

» Oh, and he’s considering doing a Legend: Hand of God movie, which is… you guessed it, a video game.