Stunt Steve-O from the Jackass crew let slip in an interview recently on the Howard Stern Show that they’re planning a Jackass 3, according to SlashFilm. The crew starts shooting in January. Peter there assumes they’re going for a Fall 2008 release and he’s probably right.


“I was told to rest up for Jackass 3 which will start shooting in January,” Steve-O told Stern.

Also in the works is Jackass 2.5, a direct-to-DVD compilation of all the bits that didn’t make it into the second movie.

I don’t care how dumb these movies are, they are hilarious. I’ve never heard such loud reactions from a crowd. People laughing, cringing, and groaning as things turn from crazy to brutal to just plain disgusting. I still laugh when I see the bridge bungie jump with the midget and the fat guy.

The first movie made over $60 million, but only cost $5 million to make. The second had a slightly bigger budget for some more expensive gags ($11.5 mil), but made $72 million in the U.S.

No other news right now because I’m not sure if he was supposed to say anything…