When you get to the end of your favorite movie, or after watching the series finale of a show you have grown to love, do you ever wonder what happens next? Sure at the end of the film, the boy and girl fall in love and the implication (which we learn at a young age reading stories of princes who ride off into the sunset with the princess on a white horse) is that they live “Happily Ever After.” The End…

Or is it? What about the petty arguments that happen after they are out of the honeymoon stage? Or the complications that arise out of any relationship? Infidelity? Or what about the chance in a world that more than half of marriages end in divorce? Gasp. When the movie ends, your imagination is left to fill in the rest of the blanks and optimistically we tend to believe that they do, in fact, live happily ever after against all the odds that are ahead.

Sex and the City: The Movie is giving us the unique insight to see what happens next. The first stills of the movie are out (on the sides of this post), and it is time to start getting excited. In looking at the shots, it is amazing that neither Carrie or Big seems to have aged.

First of all, i have to say that I loved the season finale. For those hardcore fans, such as myself, it seemed that all the loose ends of the story tied up into a perfectly wrapped present. Miranda was finally able to truly love as her abrasive guard finally crumbled. Samantha, who throughout most of the series was set on “having sex like a man” finally finds someone to love her despite her faults and she too comes to love Smith, a much much younger man. Charlotte, who struggled throughout one marriage that seemed to fit the shoes of her Manolo’s perfectly, crumbled around her. Only to later fall in love with Harry her divorce lawyer who was balding and overweight, yet sensitive and thoughtful. Her dreams come true in the last episode when they find that despite her infertility they will be able to adopt a baby from China. Lastly, Carrie and Big finally grow up enough to truly love one another. Big’s name is even shown in the last 10 seconds of the show, which was never revealed until that moment, showing the viewer that things have finally changed for them.

Really, i just have more questions than answers. Will Carrie and Big make it? How will motherhood change Charlotte? Can Samantha truly understand the concept of monogamy? How will Miranda remain a part of the friendship given her new location in Brooklyn? Will the show begin right after the last show, or will it be a few years later? And on and on and on….

The rumors of the movie have been around since the show ended. I’m happy to see that not only have the original girls signed back to their iconic roles, but the men in their lives have also returned. In addition, the original director, most producers, and to my delight the brilliant costume designer Patricia Field have all come back into working their magic again. Without all of these players, the movie would have to be renamed to Suck in the City.

Jennifer Hudson is an addition to the cast, as Carrie’s assistant, and is the only character that i am a bit weary of. As mentioned on News in Film previously, there is no doubt to Ms. Hudson’s brilliant singing ability, but why exactly does Carrie need an assistant and will Ms. Hudson be singing her lines?

Rumors circulating also include one that the girls will have some scenes from their 20’s. Maybe this will give us some insight into what has shaped them into who they are today.

I think it is rare for a show like “Sex and the City” to come along. Finally a show that doesn’t depict women in their thirties who are unmarried as Old Maids. In fact, all the girls are successful in their careers, funny, and with plenty of sexual exploits. They don’t sit around moping for Mr. Right to come along. It is refreshing that both men and women can relate to the show. Women can laugh at the unsuccessful dates and empathize because “I’ve dated that guy.” The men that enjoy the show, find it interesting (and I even had one who admitted it taught him a lot) because it gives them an insight into women. This show finally sent the message out to women everywhere that it is ok to come to your thirties and not be settled into the “traditional” lifestyle of living.

I think that with the returning cast, directors, and fans worldwide Sex and the City: The Movie has the potential to be a box office smash. However, as with any sequel, there is always the chance that it will not measure up to the original. I’ll take my chances and see you there on opening day.