So I’m a little behind on talking about news for State of Play. So here’s the latest:

» Two weeks ago the two main stars were confirmed. The movie will reunite Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who of course worked together on Fight Club. Pitt replaced Matt Damon in the role.

» Then yesterday Jason Bateman was added to the picture show.

» Today Variety has thrown in a few classy ladies to the mix. Helen Mirren and Robin Wright Penn.

» The film will be directed by Kevin Macdonald (Last King of Scotland).

But forget all of them. Brad Pitt who? Jason Bateman was in “Arrested Development?” Canceled. Dame Helen Mirren won an Oscar? Who cares.

Here’s the big news:
» Rachel McAdams is in this…

She’s pretty.

The movie will be based on the BBC miniseries about a team of investigative reporters working alongside a police detective to solve the murder of a congressman’s mistress. Norton will play the congressman who worries about his personal and political reputation. Wright Penn is his estranged wife. Pitt and McAdams will be reporters working on the story, with Mirren as their newspaper editor. Not sure who is the police detective, but I would guess it’s Bateman.

Maybe Edward Norton will tap the foot of Bateman in an airport bathroom. Now that’s a scandal.

» Brad Pitt has also been cast in Darren Aronofsky’s (The Fountain) next film, called The Fighter and will punchisize Mark Wahlberg.