The third film in the Resident Evil video game adaptations, Resident Evil: Extinction, slashed the competition for first place with $24 million.

This is a franchise record over the $23 million the last one (RE: Apocalypse) managed to bring in despite being collectively regarded as the worst of the three. I’m seeing a pattern though with the titles. I’m hoping the next Resident Evil is called Resident Evil: Everyone Is Dead This Time I Promise.

According to an interview with newcomer Ali Larter, she may star in Resident Evil 4 whenever that is made. If the pattern holds, look for it in 2-3 years. Though with the pending strike, maybe she’ll have to hold off on cutting off zombie heads.

I haven’t seen this film, partly because I never saw the first two movies and mostly because Milla Jovovich looks uncomfortably similar to a girl I knew in college without the dual pistols and double swords… She had only one of each at school.

This win by RE:E means that for six consecutive weeks, an R-rated film has topped the box office, which hasn’t happened since 2001, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It also helped its distributor, Sony, pass the $1 billion mark for the sixth time in a row. I’ll send over a cookie cake.

Another opener was Good Luck Chuck which made the brilliant decision of making the comedian play the straight man and the hot chick go for clumsy laughs. Critics absolutely hammered this movie. It made $14 million based solely on the amount of friends Dane Cook has on My Space.

Speaking of My Space, the other film that relied on advertising on that site (Sydney White) pretty much tanked and landed in sixth place. A message for Universal Pictures: Don’t do that.

In movies that don’t suck, Into the Wild opened massively on its four whole screens, making almost $52k per screen. I haven’t had a chance to check out Eastern Promises, but that went wide this week and did well with $5.7 million total. And early Oscar talk has stirred with wordy The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford which had moderate success with $28k per location.

Here’s your list of mostly September disappointments (Not you Yuma, I still love you):

1. Resident Evil: Extinction $24 million
2. Good Luck Chuck $14 million
3. The Brave One $7.4 million
4. 3:10 to Yuma $6.4 million
5. Eastern Promises $5.7 million
6. Sydney White $5.3 million
7. Mr. Woodcock $5 million
8. Superbad $3.1 million
9. Bourne Ultimatum $2.8 million
10. Dragon Wars $2.5 million