While doing press for In the Valley of Elah, Susan Sarandon talked about her involvement in the Speed Racer adaptation being done by the Wachowski brothers. She also spilled about some of the revolutionary things the bros are bringing to the live-action version.

Of course, the Wachowski brothers were the guys who took the brand new bullet-time technology and included it in The Matrix. So what are they planning for something as simple as a G-rated cartoon adaptation?

Apparently, according to an interview with Collider, they’re using special cameras to make sure every frame is always in focus.

Stay with me here. In a live-action movie, of course, things in the background are always out of focus. That’s just the mechanics of a camera. What they’re trying to do is make the whole movie in focus, just like the cartoon. I’d try to explain it, but I’m not sure how. And neither could Sarandon. She was pressed for more details, but she was pretty much useless. Like always. Rimshot!

Is all this really necessary for Speed Racer? I could understand if this kind of technology was being utilized for G.I. Joe or something awesome, but this is Speed Racer we’re talking about. Do we really need Chim Chim the monkey always in focus?

Oh, and MTV is reporting that they’re going with the old school theme. Go Speed Racer, Go.