It was previously reported and rumored that the title for Punisher 2 would be The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank. An awful title without a doubt.

But IGN has been on top of the details for this movie since the beginning. They confirmed that Ray Stevenson will play Frank Castle after Thomas Jane walked out on the project. Plus they revealed that the villain will be Jigsaw (no, not from Saw), and a boatload of other plot details. Apparently it will be a sequel to the terrible first installment, not a redo. The film is being directed by Lexi Alexander.

Now the eagle eyes of “Stax” at IGN noticed that the official Lionsgate site lists the title as The Punisher: War Zone, a reference to a Marvel comic book series that ran from ‘92-’95. I think I have some of those…

The first one has so much potential, but fell flat on its face. Hopefully this one will be jam-packed with action like it should.

No official release date yet, but they’re aiming for 2008. That narrows it down.