Starting in September through the rest of the year, the studios start rolling out the Oscar contenders. So I thought I would list the ones that I’m excited about seeing in the last few months of 2007. It was difficult choosing only ten, since the rest of the year is packed with potential quality films. It was even harder to rank them.

10. I Am Legend – Based on the popular novel by Richard Matheson, this movie will provide a new take on the old vampire genre. Though there has been enough fan outcry about not being faithful to the material that it’s dropped my anticipation level a little.

9. Shoot ‘Em UpClive Owen kicks ass no matter what. Now he’ll kick ass and eat carrots. Monica Bellucci is just an added bonus.

8. Darjeeling Limited – Sure it’s more of the same from Wes Anderson, but I like his stuff and maybe I don’t want him to change. I’m selfish like that.

7. Lions for Lambs – I know a guy that may or may not have read the script. It was the best he’s ever read. I don’t know about the whole political angle though. Plus Meryl Streep is in everything.

6. The Kite Runner – I’ve read the book and now I’m ready for the movie. Forster has proven himself to be an amazing filmmaker, so I’m very interested to see what he did with this potentially controversial material.

5. Gone Baby Gone – The directorial debut of Ben Affleck starring his little brother Casey. Not much more to say than that. I’m interested to see where this new career path is going to take him, or if it’ll be tainted by lame tabloid memories. I hope to see a Affleck/Damon team again some day, with Affleck behind the camera.

4. Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – The return of the western genre with this film and the next on the list, this one with the reliable Brad Pitt. Why the limited release though?

3. 3:10 to YumaRussell Crowe and Christian Bale. That should sell it right there, but the marketing team has actually been pushing this a legitimate movie and not plastered the big names on the posters (until very recently). This might be a remake that is way better than the original, like Ocean’s 11.

2. The Nines – All the early reviews talk about how amazing this film is in its complexity. When I hear something get compared to Memento, I have a Pavlov’s dog reaction, it’s pathetic.

1. American Gangster – Could it be the return of Ridley Scott to making good movies? A solid cast would suggest that he’s back, but the shaky pre-production rumors might be the only problem. This year’s Departed? Or even better?

What about you? What are you excited about for the rest of ‘07?