The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the new Logan’s Run has added rookie director Joseph Kosinski to head the project. Kosinski is a former architect who was discovered by David Fincher, relocated to LA, and has been directing award-winning commercials ever since. By the way, LatinoReview wrote about this in May.

Tim Sexton (Children of Men) is writing the script. Joel Silver will produce. Bryan Singer was originally attached to the project, but dropped it to make Superman Returns and then Valkyrie.

I thought we already had our unofficial Logan’s Run remake with The Island and that one didn’t do so well. Is it too much to ask to bring back Scarlett Johansson? The original is incredibly dated though, so maybe it’s time for an update.

According to the article, the script will more closely resemble the book, rather than the 1976 movie. I guess I can’t argue with the Children of Men guy writing this one. It’s even similar subject matter, with a futuristic look at a society governed by “The Man.”

I wonder if the Fahrenheit 451 remake will be out at the same time.