AICN has a rumor from an unnamed source that says Jason Bateman might be up for the role of Zack in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Kevin Smith’s next comedy.

You might remember about a week ago when Kevin commented on Rosario declining the role of Miri and put a stop to the online rumor mill. So hopefully we’ll get word from him via his blog or “SModcast” in the next few days. I checked his forums that he frequents and I didn’t see anything.

Smith’s been quiet about who is playing the lead since the film was announced, so if they have someone picked out, he just won’t say. I guess if it’s true the silence will indicate… well, probably nothing still.

Bateman was great in “Arrested Development,” and if you never got a chance to see it during its short three season run, then I recommend you check out the first few episodes. See if you like it, or if you’re one of the many Americans who just didn’t get it.

Also constantly rumored for the role is Zack Braff.

Bateman’s son on the show was Michael Cera, one of the stars of this weekend’s Superbad and has just signed on for the Youth in Revolt adaptation.