Any movie that combines the acting talents of Sir Ben Kingsley, one half of the direct-to-dvd princesses, Mary-Kate Olsen, and rap artist Method Man should definitely be called The Wackness.

I doubt this movie will be as funny as these casting choices.

This is a best trio for a movie, and the perfect combination for a comedy. Ben Kingsley (best known as Ghandi) is hilarious! MK Olsen? Have you seen How the West Was Fun? Did I mention Method Man? Throw in Famke Janssen (also in the cast) and you’ve got yourself comedy gold. This group could (and should) fight crime between shoots.

The story is set in 1994, where a drug dealer falls in love with his
psychiatrist’s daughter after trading pot for therapy sessions.

Kingsley won an Oscar. He was knighted. Now he’s playing a stoner and sharing screen time with Michelle from Full House.

After the twins’ first foray into something a bit more serious, New York Minute, left theaters in about that much time, then they kind of disappeared for a while. Now Mary-Kate is re-emerging in an uncredited extra in Factory Girl, a recurring role in Showtime’s “Weeds,” and now this movie. I have to be honest though. I prefer Ashley.

Update: According to Page Six, Mary-Kate (21) shares a kiss with Ben Kingsley (63) in the movie.