The Shrek series has already jumped the shark. It had a fun opening movie, giving hope that DreamWorks Animation could maybe keep up with Pixar. But a second installment laden with pop culture gags spelled trouble. And The Third confirmed that the adventures of Shrek were stale.

But quantity over quality is key apparently, and with the first 3 making over a billion dollars so far (just domestically), making another one is just good business. So a fourth was greenlit. Then they tried to feed some load about “the Shrek story has five chapters,” one of which isn’t titled “DreamWorks makes up a reason for 2 more.” So a fifth is on its way at some point. Just don’t expect the movies to be any good.

According to Yahoo, Shrek 4 (working title: The Next Shrek) is targeting a May 21, 2010 release date and will decline into Shrek 5 in 2013.

They’ve already attached the same vocal cast for 4 and 5, and a director for the fourth has been named. Also, there was a Puss in Boots spin-off movie announced at some point for 2010, but I’m not sure where that stands now.