How many movies can they make about racing cars? Aren’t the Fast and the Furious movies enough? Why remake a bad racing movie?

The original was called Death Race 2000. So this one is… DEATH RACE 3000. Take that, millennium. But it will be set in 2020. What?

Directing is Paul W.S. Anderson, also known as “Not the Good Anderson” in reference to the other director named Anderson. Paul Thomas made Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch Drunk Love. This Anderson is known best for Alien vs. Predator, so… that’s why.

Starring in Death Race (3000) is Jason Statham. Recently IGN spoke to “Not the good one” and he revealed that also in the movie will be Tyrese Gibson and Joan Allen.

Joan Allen? 3 time Oscar nominee Joan Allen? Mischa Barton in 30 years?

Anderson, excited for no reason, said, “And Joan Allen is the big villain baddie of the movie, which I’m veryexcited about,” Anderson told us, adding, “She’s gonna kick Statham’s ass!”

The movie starts shooting next month in Montreal for a release on September 26, 2008. I doubt you’ll hear about this ever again though.