At the risk of turning NiF into a site about comics and comic book movies, I’ll mention another story I heard earlier this week.

MTV did an interview with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane about his independent “reboot” of the Spawn franchise after the last one was a gi-normous disaster. This one he’s doing on his own, trying to do it right. And ever since I’ve traded my allowance for comics I’ve thought it was a great character.

The reason, it seems, that he went rogue and took it away from the major studios is because they didn’t support his vision. Frank Miller can do it, why not him? Well, here’s why not him.

He wants Spawn to:
1. not talk.
2. be a shadowy figure that is never actually seen.
3. be something that 15 year old girls can enjoy.


He then goes so far as to compare the idea to Jaws, 300, and Crash… How about you go back to writing comic book movies and you leave the script writing to the pros?