… and other puns involving “Homers,” “odyssey,” and “dough-nuts.”

Updated with actual numbers since the estimates were pretty far off.

As expected, The Simpsons Movie dominated the box office over the weekend, but still surprised by opening with $74 million.

This total is the fifth highest opening of the year and the third highest for an animated feature (behind Shrek 2 and 3), which is impressive since it’s not exactly for kids. Perhaps most telling is it ranked first among non-sequel animated openings, including those out of Pixar.

Fox predicted it to hit around the $30 million range for the weekend, which is what it managed to bring in simply on Friday. In other news, Fox will be firing the people who make the predictions…

With such a huge success, it raises questions of a follow-up Simpsons movie, which haven’t been denied. This one only cost them $75 million to make apparently. It also lends credibility to some of the rumors of a “Family Guy” adaptation at Fox.

Despite the bad word of mouth, Chuck and Larry only dropped to second with $19.1 million. This brings the total for the movie so far to $71.6 million ($300k less than the Simpsons total so far), which only proves that good comedy makes more money than bad comedy.

In third place was Harry Potter in its third week with $17.7 million ($242 million total). This makes the series the second largest global franchise ($4.24 billion) after the 22 James Bonds and ahead of Star Wars.

New release No Reservations made $11.7 million. I Know Who Killed Me with Lindsay “The Lush” Lohan made $3.5 million, which should cover some of the costs of her legal bills. And Who’s Your Caddy? tricked $2.7 million worth of people into seeing it.

Here is your “Exxxxxxcellent” Chart, sponsored by Duff Beer:

1. The Simpsons Movie $74 million
2. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry $19.1 million
3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $17.7 million
4. Hairspray $15.8 million
5. No Reservations $11.7 million
6. Transformers $11.6 million
7. Ratatouille $7.4 million
8. Live Free or Die Hard $5.6 million
9. I Know Who Killed Me $3.5 million
10. Who’s Your Caddy? $2.7 million
(and just because it’s awesome…)
11. Rescue Dawn $1.6 million