The Simpsons Movie – The Simpsons have been a source of entertainment for over 18 years and 400 episodes. The family has affected the culture with a long list of catch phrases and memorable characters. And there is no end in sight.

The show is also famous for its celebrity cameos who lend their voice. In the movie will be Tom Hanks and the band Green Day, among others.

The show has poked fun at just about everything. In a hilarious tribute to the show, South Park did an episode called “Simpsons Already Did It,” where they laugh about writing a cartoon in a landscape where Simpsons has taken all their material. But like South Park, the Simpsons have pushed the boundaries, taking shots at just about everyone, including Fox head exec Rupert Murdoch.

They will continue to be edgy in the movie, showing a naked Bart Simpson skating down the street, covered by random objects (see: Austin Powers).

The movie was developed from an idea by creator Matt Groening back in 2001 and rewritten by the shows many brilliant contributors. Unfortunately absent is Simpsons alum and late night host Conan O’Brien.

The marketing campaign consisted of a nationwide battle for which of the country’s many Springfields would premiere. Last week it ended in Vermont, where the film was first shown. Also, ordinary 7-Eleven gas stations were converted to Quik-E-Marts, which popped up all over the country. Good stuff.

Critics of the show will point out that the Simpsons seemed to have peaked in popularity and quality years ago. Maybe a movie should have been done then? But, according to early reviews, it was worth the wait.


No Reservations – This chick-flick centers around a top chef (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who deals with the sudden inheritance of her niece (Abigail Breslin) and competition with a love interest/sous-chef (Aaron Eckhart). Seems like a cookie-cutter “dramedy” that can be ignored and replaced by the much better, animated Ratatouille, which is still hanging around the top 5 in theaters.

I Know Who Killed Me
Lindsay Lohan continued her downward spiral Tuesday after getting arrested again for a DUI and cocaine possession and went back to rehab. She’s basically on the verge of blowing up her career, especially now that her only other movie in the works (Poor Things) has been canceled.

In this movie she’s a stripper. Classy. And it will almost definitely bomb. Somewhere in the world a mad scientist is laughing and yelling, “Her destruction is almost complete!” That mad scientist…? Lindsay Lohan. See what I did there?

Who’s Your Caddy? – What happens when you take a dated cultural catch phrase and slap it on a pseudo-hip urban comedy about golf? You scrape the bottom of the barrel not only of what’s funny, but of movie making, and you embarrass anyone involved. Though the actors include Big Boi (from the group Outkast) and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Jones, so maybe not.

If you’re considering seeing this movie… you’re an idiot. But if you are, just watch Caddyshack instead. Also, never breed.

Arctic Tale – Queen Latifah voices-over the journey of a polar bear and a walrus. I liked it the first time… when it was called March of the Penguins.