Who? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Ray Stevenson, from the short-lived HBO series “Rome,” will play the newly cast Frank Castle in Punisher 2, according to the good guys at LatinoReview. The director will be Lexi Alexander.

The original Frank Castle in Punisher was played by Thomas Jane, who pulled out recently because he didn’t believe in the project or something. At the time the possibility of a sequel was pretty far gone, but apparently the studio sees a need for another disappointment. I’m sure this next movie will be fantastic, what with the star walking out on its production and all.

The first movie made about $33 million domestically, which is what the reported budget was for the movie. So… it broke even. That definitely means another should be made, right? That’s just good business.

We’ll probably get the official announcement later this week from Marvel at Comic-Con.