Aaron Sorkin, best known for writing and creating TV’s “The West Wing,” will return to writing for the big screen. It was announced today that he has signed a deal with DreamWorks to write three films, the first of which is titled The Trial of Chicago Seven. Even Spielberg, the head of the studio, is interested in directing the movie.

The story is about the trials of protesters at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, where a riot broke out between the demonstration and the police force.

Apparently it has been under production for a while behind closed doors, especially with the cancellation of his short-lived dramedy “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Sorkin wrote 86 episodes for the Award-winning “West Wing” during its seven season run. He also created the two-season “Sports Night.”

Sorkin also wrote the screenplay for two classic movies, A Few Good Men and The American President. And he wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Charlie Wilson’s War due out in December.

Aaron Sorkin is brilliant and one of my heroes. In fact, he’s influenced me so much that now I won’t hold a conversation with someone without also walking around the hallways of my building. You know, the old “walk and talk.” Gettin’ stuff done.