‘Hitman’ Trailer

Timothy Olyphant is playing a man with a killer instinct a lot this year. He’s the terrorist villain in Live Free or Die Hard, which opens tomorrow. And now he’s the star of the video game adaptation of the popular series Hitman. Today we got a first look of him as the bald bad ass.

Olyphant is Agent 47, a professional assassin trained only in the art of killing. After a political takeover, the hunter becomes the hunted. Interpol and the Russian military chase the hitman while he tries to figure out who set him up.

It sounds like the typical man-on-the-run-trying-to-find-out-who-set-him-up movie, but if it’s anything like the game it should be a pretty good time. I was never very good at the game though. I never got used to the controls. I would sneak up on people and then accidentally bump into their backs when I tried to strangle them. I’m sure you can relate.

Without further ado, here’s the trailer above!