50 Cent is brokering a deal to be in the movie Righteous Kill. Seems like a perfect fit for a gangster rap artist, right?

No. Righteous Kill is the movie that will finally pair Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on screen. They were in Heat together, but only in one scene, and didn’t share the same decade in Godfather II. In this movie they play partner detectives tracking a serial killer… together. De Niro. Pacino. Righteous.

So what the hell is this 50 Cent news? We finally get to see the two veteran actors perform together, only to have dialogue with a rapper that has two film credits. Oh, and one of the movies he played himself… poorly. Now “Fiddy” might play a drug dealer (another big stretch) that helps the two detectives.

Please let this be a rumor. Do not mess up the long-awaited pairing of Al and Bobby.