Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – When Disney announced they were making a movie based on a popular theme park ride, everyone laughed. Then they signed Johnny Depp and people were confused. When the movie became the first PG-13 release for Disney, people were skeptical. Then Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl came out and people were surprised by its gigantic success.

So in a way, this series has been like the theme park it was based on. A roller coaster ride of exciting news and brilliant effects. But, like most Disney attractions, it has been a little hokey, a bit tame for a pirate adventure, and sometimes downright silly.

Technically it opened yesterday and it’s already set a record for opening on more screens than any other movie in history.

As a fan of all things piracy, I’ve seen the first two movies. I’ve even been known to swash and buckle in my spare time. And I thought Pirates 1 and 2 were quality popcorn action movies. Sure, the second one sank a little, but overall it was a good time had by all. I don’t expect the third to be much different; a entertaining first viewing as long as you recognize the genre it is operating in. And most people love that about it.

Early reviews have slammed the third third installment of the summer as being “cluttered” and “tedious” at almost 3 hours of runtime. According to the critics, the one thing that holds this together is Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) and the rest contribute to a confusing mess. After reading as many reviews as I could lay my eyes on, Pirates 3 suffers the same fate as Spider-Man 3 and Shrek 3. Not as good as it’s film siblings and overloaded with too many characters.

There are articles already “confirming” that Depp has signed for a fourth film, but most reputable sources say he’s merely interested at this point. Jerry Bruckheimer (the producer) has said this is the end of the trilogy and they plan to at least take a break from the franchise for a while. I interpreted that there could be more, but only following the continued adventures of Jack Sparrow with a new supporting cast of who’s hot at the time. Plus how can they resist the dollars these movies have made and will continue to make?

There is a scene after the credits, so if you’re seeing it in theaters stay until the end.

Bug – Ashley Judd stars in an intensely creepy adaptation of two people sharing paranoid delusions of skin crawling bugs in a cramped motel room.

It sounds incredibly disturbing from everything I’ve been reading, but moreso because it “lingers with you” after you leave the theaters. Which is something not many big budget films can boast. Though I’m not sure how excited I am about feeling squirmy for a few days.

I do commend them for releasing a rare horror film during the summer, and especially against such a giant box office draw like Pirates. I think it would do much better being introduced during October when it can stand relatively on its own, but I admire the conviction.