Celebration IV, the largest Star Wars convention, kicked off as geeks from around the country flocked to LA in order to be a part of the mayhem surrounding the 30 years since Star Wars – Episode IV.

The opening event was a 17 hour marathon of all six episodes, the first ever consecutive screening. There will also be a marathon of all six on the Cinemax channel tomorrow (Friday).

Like many other conventions, the event will include speech and autograph sessions, costume parties, vendor areas for collectibles (including new 30th anniversary junk), and nerds arguing over who shot first Greedo or Han Solo. There will also be a Stormtrooper Olympics, where people in white plastic armor will run through obstacles. We can only hope that will end with the American Gladiators showing up and destroying them in the joust. Go Nitro.

Star Wars mania has even spread outside of California because apparently some of the mailboxes throughout the U.S. have been replaced with R2D2’s you can put mail in. So when you get your commemorative Star Wars stamps, be sure to slap one of those on before you cram your cable bill into his face.

And if you just can’t get enough, don’t forget to watch the special on Monday at 9pm EST on the History Channel. It’s not like you’ll have a date that night.