View Askew is the name of Kevin Smith’s production company and website. Kevin Smith is the writer and director of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, etc. If you’re still lost, this post probably isn’t for you.

Kevin Smith announced recently his next two projects. The first will be a “horror” movie called Red State. And I’m using vigorous air quotes around horror. Basically the story is about the point of view of nutty Christian extremists. It’s loosely based on a preacher named Fred Phelps that does such ridiculous stunts as picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq. So it sounds like a satire flick about what happens when religious fanatics earn their place in Hell.
He also said he will immediately start working on another true comedy that he’s currently writing. It is yet untitled, but will take place in Minnesota in the middle of winter. And that’s all I have. Smith talked about it a bit more in his weekly podcast and said Mosier will probably edit Red State while he begins filming the comedy in order to bust out with back-to-back kickassery.

Since I don’t have a podcast on my site yet like every other blog, I thought I’d point you towards a hilarious little show that Kevin Smith does with his producer friend Scott Mosier. It’s called Smodcast and there are currently 12 episodes where they just riff about stuff for an hour.
If you’re a fan of Evening With Kevin Smith tour videos, you’ll like this show. It sounds like pot talk because it skips around from what it would like to be eaten by a shark, to childhood stories, to the occasional industry and celebrity insight. And I guess I should warn you it’s filled with salty language and immature hilarity, but so are his movies.
Have a week.