The Brave Little Box Office


Updated with actual numbers

The Jodie Foster vigilante film The Brave One came in below studio expectations, but still in the top spot with $13.5 million. This breaks a streak of Foster’s last 3 movies opening to $20+ million, so she probably looks like the poster right now.

It’s not a huge number, but almost identical to what we saw last week with 3:10 to Yuma, which only fell 35% to second place with $8.9 million.

The rest of the lineup shows that there isn’t much else out during this transition period to get excited about. Mr. Woodcock came in third with $8.8 million, so that pretty much says it all. Plus Bourne Ultimatum is still hanging around the ten in its seventh week and Rush Hour 3 still manages to make money.

Shoot ‘Em Up fell completely out of the rankings, getting beat out by Mr. Bean for the top ten list.

A surprise to me was that Dragon Wars came in fifth with $5 million. I definitely didn’t expect American audiences to check out this Korean import as much as they did.

But the big news in box offices this weekend were the limited release movies. It’s all about per theater averages (PTA) with these smaller films. Cronenberg’s latest Eastern Promises made an impressive $36k per screen (opened on 15) and the Beatles tribute Across the Universe made almost $29k on each of the mere 23 screens.

A few other films opened in specialty areas, but with solid numbers on few screens, they’ll perform much better as they expand in the coming weeks.

Here’s all that in chart form:

1. The Brave One $13.5 million
2. 3:10 to Yuma $8.9 million
3. Mr. Woodcock $8.8 million
4. Superbad $5.1 million
5. Dragon Wars $5 million
6. Halloween $4.9 million
7. Bourne Ultimatum $4.1 million
8. Balls of Fury $3.32 million
9. Rush Hour 3 $3.3 million
10. Mr. Bean’s Holiday $2.7 million