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Official ‘Man of Steel’ Superman Logo

Warner Bros has unveiled the official logo for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, a reboot of the Superman movie franchise starring Henry Cavill. The image comes from the movie’s new …

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Mark Romanek to Direct ‘Locke & Key’ TV Pilot

Mark Romanek, director of One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go, is shooting the pilot for “Locke & Key,” an adaptation of the comic book for a possible television …

SAG Contract Expires Today… Strike?

‘Angels and Demons’ and ‘Pinkville’ On Hold

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Melissa McCarthy Striking Out with ‘Tammy’

An encouraging story this summer was the unmitigated success of Bridesmaids, and the emergence of star and screenwriter Kristen Wiig.  Not because of any grand notion that Wiig and company …

Commando Remake Attaches Sam Worthington


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Jane Eyre Review

Think your life is tough? It’s a difficult claim to make after witnessing the latest filmic adaptation of the perpetually tormented title character in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. For those …

Inception Review

Redbelt Review

Transsiberian Review

Wall-E Review


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Chloë Grace Moretz in Let Me In (2010)

Comic-Con 2010: ‘Let Me In’ Trailer

Before the start of the Let Me In panel, Comic-Con decided to show a few trailers to occupy the crowd.  According to Heat Vision, one of those was the promo …

Trailer for Todd Phillips’ Comedy Due Date

Unofficial ‘Quantum of Solace’ Theme Song

Teaser Trailer ‘Up’ at Pixar

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Avatar Becomes Second-Highest Grossing Film

On Wednesday night, 20th Century Fox’s Avatar became the second-highest grossing film ever at the worldwide box office.  James Cameron’s 3D epic achieved the spot with $1.13 billion in just …

‘Wall-E’ and ‘Wanted’ Score Big

Weekend estimates show Wall-E and Wanted both opening huge with $62.5 million and $51.1 million respectively. The G-rated Pixar film was expected to roll over the competition, but an R-rated …

Comedies Rule the Weekend

The Tiny Fey-Amy Poehler comedy Baby Mama topped the weekend box office with $18.3 million, followed by the second adventure of Harold and Kumar with $14.6 million. With a wider …

Box Office Off Like a Dress on ‘Prom Night’

Prom Night took the box office crown this weekend, scaring up an estimated $22.7 million. The PG-13 horror movie capitalized on a slow month (the calm before the summer storm) …

‘21′ Counts Its Weekend Millions

The card counting movie 21 paid off this weekend for Sony with an estimated $23.7 million. This is the biggest opening weekend for director Robert Luketic, who until now has …